June 19, 2018
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Letters to the Editor for May 11

Tailgating worries

I enjoyed the recent letter to the editor on tailgating. The practice, which is widespread these days, is both rude and highly dangerous. It’s a control trip, really. The guy behind you believes his time is more valuable than yours; that’s the message. Well, if you’re in such a hurry, I say leave earlier.

Cars often travel in pods, right on top of one another. Vision ahead is impaired and a major calamity involving all the cars is just a deer crossing away. Especially on winter roads tailgating is playing with fire. All sorts do it, youngsters, older gals, guys in red trucks — amazingly even so-called professional drivers at the wheels of big semis, tanker trucks or dump trucks.

What happened to the old rule of thumb (allow one car-length distance between you and the car ahead for every 10 mph you are traveling)? Police could easily fill town coffers if they enforced reckless driving rules with tickets. They should.

Dennis Lopez



Second-term menu

In the rush to cheerlead the demise of the GOP (“GOP: New, Old Agenda,” editorial, May 6), the BDN has ignored some essential facts. On March 15, two months into the Obama administration, the Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot Poll, indicating which party would receive the most support on a generic ballot, saw the Republicans lead the Democrats for the first time in several years. The poll results released today show that Republicans continue to lead the Democrats by one point in this poll.

The taxpayer revolt that spawned the tea parties across the nation has taken hold. Many people across the nation, regardless of party affiliation, know that the country cannot spend its way into prosperity, and that tax cuts and spending control are the only ways to ensure long-term economic strength. Of course, Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid are taking the exact opposite approach, and I believe they will pay for it in future elections.

In fact, should President Obama win a second term, I’ll eat my hat.

Joseph Martin



Green-energy ideas

One way to find a place to recycle CFLs is to visit Efficiency Maine’s Web site and click on “Energy Star Residential Lighting.” The site includes a feature that lists, by county, participating retailers that recycle the bulbs.

In addition, Efficiency Maine bought and distributed more than 600 Kill-A-Watt meters to more than 200 libraries across the state. The devices allow consumers to measure how many watts various home appliances are drawing.

Frederick Gralenski



Amazing advice

Amazing. The BDN is arrogantly advising the Republicans how to survive (“GOP: New, Old Agenda,” editorial, May 6). While a terrifying Democratic president is shredding the Constitution and making a joke of the balance of power, the BDN finds it necessary to patronize the Republican party. Amazing.

Well, let’s take the three senators extolled by the BDN. Specter is simply an egocentric, flip-flopping opportunist who could not get reelected as a Republican. Snowe and Collins, the Republicrats? I have advised both I will be doing everything I can do to see that they are not re-elected. Advice from these two how the Republicans can survive? Amazing.

Bush had the “worst administration in the last 100 years” — by whose judgment? Bush’s problem is simple: He tried to emulate Democrats. However, worry not; these matters are cyclical. The Obama administration alone will create a Republican resurgence — if there is enough government left to administer following its bankruptcy.

Warren Mahan



Man, woman is diversity

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Every major empire, kingdom or nation that practiced sexual perversion was destroyed.

Same-sex marriage is aggressively advocated by a few powerful voices shouted by many liberal forms of media. Photos communicate powerful messages. A few years ago, I saw a life-size print of two women face-to-face in an intimate embrace. The two women were identical in every way. The same hair, the same face, the same body and clothes. What impressed me was the “self-love” portrayed by the picture.

Same-sex marriage is about same. A person has decided not to give themselves to someone who is different. Isn’t tolerance of differences what civil rights is all about? Tolerance for others who are different than ourselves. Same-sex marriage is about loving someone who is not different from ourselves.

The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of the consequences of homosexuality. Ezekiel states that the sin of Sodom was arrogance, haughtiness, prosperity, lack of concern for the poor and detestable behavior. Homosexuality was a symptom of their pride.

We have the freedom to make our own choices and with freedom comes consequences. Unfortunately, when a small group of people makes choices for all, everyone will own the consequences. Let’s bring sanity back to Maine and progress differently than the superpowers of history. Let’s demand diversity — one man united to one, very different woman.

Joanne Gray



Why not Bangor?

The city of Bangor schools do not participate in the annual Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey. This survey gives us valuable information about the health of our youth. It provides focus for areas of chemical health that need to be addressed. We cannot begin to address a problem if we have not identified the issue.

Maine ranks third in the country for drug abuse. The latest MYDAUS survey for Penobscot County reflects numbers that are a cause for concern: 11.2 percent of students have used marijuana in the past 30 days, 11.4 percent participated in binge drinking in the past two-week period (26.2 percent of 12th graders!), 24.2 percent used alcohol in the past 30 days, 4 percent of students used inhalants in the past 30 days (while this number may not seem significant, the highest abuse was in grades 6 through 8) and 5 percent used prescription drugs in the past 30 days (8.9 percent of 12th graders).

The data are available on the Office of Substance Abuse Web site. I believe these numbers continue to reflect that our children are at risk. The societal and financial costs of substance abuse are huge.

If you think this is an issue worth measuring, contact your school board members, city councilor or superintendent.

Patricia Hickey


Substance Abuse Service Commission


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