May 28, 2018
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Vote Chart for May 2

Bangor Daily News

House votes

Democratic Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree

Vote 1: Conference report for 2010 budget: The House approved the conference report for the fiscal 2010 budget (S Con Res 13), sponsored by Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. Supporters said the budget would help create “a stronger nation, one with a future of clean energy and energy independence and a work force ready to compete with the best in the world and a reformed system of health care.” Opponents said the budget raised “taxes on the very things that give us business investment and give us jobs” while also creating “a mountain of debt among the likes we have never seen before.” The vote, on April 29, was 233 yeas to 193 nays.

YEAS: Michaud, Pingree

Vote 2: Family Self-Sufficiency Act: The House approved the Family Self-Sufficiency Act (HR 46), sponsored by Rep. Judy Biggert, D-Ill., to authorize payment of an administrative fee to public housing agencies that will cover administering costs for the Housing and Urban Development Department’s housing choice Section 8 voucher program. Supporters said that the bill would help provide “a helping hand, not a handout, to American families who are working to become independent of government assistance” by establishing a minimum ratio of program coordinators to participants. The vote, on April 29, was 397 yeas to 19 nays.

YEAS: Michaud, Pingree

Vote 3: Supporting local prosecutions for hate crimes: The House approved the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HR 1913), sponsored by Rep. John Conyers, Jr., D-Mich., to authorize the Justice Department to support the prosecution of hate crimes by local authorities. Supporters said the bill expanded hate crimes protection to add groups “deservedly recognized for protection, the reason being due to their being well-known targets for bias-based violence.” Opponents said the bill was “unconstitutional and will be struck down by the courts [and] could have a chilling effect on the words of religious leaders or members of religious groups” who oppose gay marriage. The vote, on April 29, was 249 yeas to 175 nays.

YEAS: Michaud, Pingree

Vote 4: Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights: The House passed the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act (HR 627), sponsored by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., that amends the Truth in Lending Act to target specific practices in the credit industry and to establish a requirement for clear and transparent communication between creditors and consumers. Proponents said the bill “would provide consumers protection from credit card fraud and deception” by ensuring consumers were made aware of what they were getting into when opening a line of credit. Opponents said that although protecting consumers was a good thing, having a credit card was a necessity for most Americans and such legislation may lead to credit card companies tightening restrictions. The vote, on April 30, was 357 yeas to 70 nays.

YEAS: Michaud, Pingree

Senate votes

Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins

Vote 1: Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act: The Senate passed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (S 386), sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., to improve efforts to prevent financial fraud and the recovery of funds lost by cases of fraud. Supporters said the bill “will aid the investigation and prosecution of the kinds of financial frauds that have so severely undermined our economy” while also helping “to protect our economic recovery efforts from the scourge of fraud.” The vote, on April 28, was 92 yeas to 4 nays.

YEAS: Collins, Snowe

Vote 2: Conference report for 2010 budget: The Senate approved the conference report for the fiscal 2010 budget (S Con Res 13), sponsored by Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. Supporters said the budget would “cut our dependence on foreign energy, [establish] a focus on excellence in education,” and introduce fundamental health care reform, while also establishing budget estimates through 2014 that will “keep the debt from growing the way it has been.” Opponents said the budget “taxes too much, it spends too much, and it borrows too much,” and said, “we cannot sustain the current level of spending without inflicting grave danger on the fiscal health of the country.” The vote, on April 29, was 53 yeas to 43 nays.

NAYS: Collins, Snowe

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