May 25, 2018
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Feb. 23, 2009 Letters to the Editor

Credit due

“Gauging the Market,” by Bill Trotter (BDN, Feb. 7-8) provides an example of a Maine company successfully generating business for its national and international customers. That RainWise plans to market a device called eMonitor with its projected multifunction capabilities along with the “windlog,” which builds on the dy-namic initiative of this 30-plus year company, brings back memories of Dr. Michael Vietti and his many contributions to RainWise.

In 1987, RainWise hired Dr. Vietti, a physicist, to design weather instruments. Several of the Vietti-designed products appear in the photo in the story. Dr. Vietti continues his work at RainWise. His commitment to the objectives of 21st century technology contributes greatly to the ongoing success of this company. Acknowledging the work of this intelligent and conscientious employee should have appeared in this article.

Andrea Brownstein


• • •

Fairness fallout

Mr. Blois is wrong when he says in his letter to the editor titled, “Kill the fairness doctrine,” that our government is out of control because we have not held our politicians accountable and that we keep re-electing them because of their party. The last I knew, voters over the last four years have kicked out dozens of politicians from Congress, mostly all Republicans who changed from being compassionate to selfish conservatives who voted in two big tax cuts for the rich and a costly war in Iraq which bankrupted the country.

As for talk-radio being one of the only places people can get all the news uneditorialized, give me a break. The following are a few words Rush Limbaugh used to describe Democrats during the last campaign: deranged, lunatic, ignorant, moron-voters, rat, cowards, Democratic thugs. That doesn’t sound much like news to me. It sounds like an arrogant blowhard who only cares about the millions in his wallet.

In true form last week, Rush reached a new low by ridiculing the poor woman in Florida who had lost her job and was living out of a car with no kitchen or toilet. I do agree that we don’t need a fairness doctrine. I believe that the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the country turn off more voters for the Republican Party than they bring in and I feel that is good for the country.

Harold Waltz


• • •

Nuke news was Page 1

While reading the Feb. 17 BDN, I was dismayed to find a small article buried on the back page of Section A, “Nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic.” The article describes an incident where two nuclear submarines, one from Britain and the other from France collided in the Atlantic Ocean. These vessels were powered by nu-clear reactors and contained nuclear weapons.

Other than a warning statement by some anti-nuclear groups, there appeared to be little reaction to this horrifying incident. This article brings up many unanswered questions, such as: What safety steps are being taken to prevent another accident like this one? What are these submarines doing prowling around the ocean armed with such dangerous materials? What would have been the result if this collision had occurred with more force?

I encourage the BDN to place articles that describe potentially cataclysmic world events such as this one on the front page where they belong.

Carol Rosinski


• • •

Sinking Maine

On Feb. 15, 1898, while the U.S. battleship Maine was in the vicinity of Havana, the ship was struck by two explosions that resulted in the death of 260 officers and men along with the loss of the ship. The cry went out across America, “Remember the Maine.”

I believe that a few months from now, Americans will be saying “Remember the Maine Senators” (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) who played such a critical role in sinking the U.S. economy!

Mark Jaruzel


• • •

Porky promises

I wonder what President Obama promised our Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for voting for the stimulus bill. The extension of Interstate 95 to Fort Kent would be a very deserving project from some of that bailout money. Let’s dream on. It’s not porky enough.

Reno Ouellette

Fort Kent

• • •

Greed hurts deer

At a time when we read and hear about the unnecessary greed of banks and CEO bonuses, we often don’t think about our large landowners in Maine raping the woods of their forests.

Back in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, landowners selectively cut trees to protest the forest and its wildlife, so that in 10 or 20 years they could come back and cut it again. Now some large landowner take most of the trees and these forests will take another 100 years or more to grow back. More restrictions must be put on these landowners to protect our forests and wildlife for the future.

These large landowners are saving thousands of dollars in taxes through the state tree growth tax. Because of this savings the state should have more control to protect our wildlife.

I can remember in the ’50s and ’60s being able to walk on deer trails in deer yards that stretched miles in the woods; they are no more.

In Quebec, you can still see large deer yards along with well-managed forests. Our deer populations will be gone in the northern half of our state. Hunters and people with cameras are now searching for other places to enjoy their sports.

Charlie Baker


• • •

‘Those’ people

What do we think of when we say “liberty and justice for all” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or “all men are created equal” from the Declaration of Independence? Is it “all” except for “those people”? “Equal” except for “those people”?

“Those people” are sometimes African-Americans, sometimes women, sometimes Jews, sometimes American Indians, and these days very notably our gay and lesbian residents. Why do some of us have such a need to see “those people” as less worthy than ourselves? We would do well to remember that in someone’s eyes, every one of us is one of “those people.”

What part of “all” don’t we understand? Why, for instance, should everyone but “those people” have the right to marry someone they love?

Peter Rees


• • •

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