May 26, 2018
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Feb. 4 Letters to the Editor

Don’t cut state jobs

There is a backward thinking with Maine’s politicians. The world is in an economic crisis, yet two of our leading officials, Gov. Baldacci and Rep. Patrick Flood, have this idea that job cuts will save the state money. This is far from being true.

The second biggest cause of this country’s economic crisis is the effect of job cutting. More people are out of work than there are jobs available. More people are competing for the same positions. This in turn places more of a burden on the economy and the state. State officials should be looking at the larger picture and not on the books.

Maybe they should take a look at what our president is doing. Instead of the same-old business ethics that put us in this crisis, President Obama is not eliminating positions, rather he is reducing salaries and freezing pay raises. That way there is less burden on our already stressed unemployment benefits and workers still have access to health benefits.

We need to have forward-thinking in our government to get us all out of this crisis. Let’s see how creative our leaders can be and not how well they can balance the budget.

Bill Hunter



Self-inflicted dental problems

The op-ed by Dr. James Schmidt, “Bangor dental health program closure should raise alarm,” (BDN, Jan. 28) was excellent. In his article, though, he left out an important consideration. Most dental problems are self-inflicted. It takes 20 minutes to neutralize the decay process that begins each time something is put into the mouth. Education is the only way to stop the self destruction process from occurring.

As a dentist, all I can do is to try and help you keep the teeth you have. Simple things like going to sleep with clean teeth or not rinsing off the fluoride in toothpaste when you brush are two examples of things that people can do to prevent decay from occurring. With the use of fluoride and sealants a person should not have any decay.

We as a group have tried to put ourselves out of business. You as a group have made our work harder and harder. If you brush, floss, have the teeth sealed, and sleep with clean teeth, you will save your teeth and a great deal of money.

Dr. William C. Caddoo



Make change happen

Many Americans have become aware capitalism has made them modern indentured servants. They resent being bonded to a 30 year mortgage, unpayable medical bills and 20-year loans to pay for a child’s college education.

Why not, they reason, a government backed one-percent loan for a homestead, single-payer universal health care and a continuing education paid for with tax dollars?

The question remains: Having now become aware, will they take the next, responsible step and bring about this change, a change that’s clearly in the interest of us all?

Ron Warner



Low-life Republicans

I am a Republican. But until I read the BDN’s Jan. 28 editorial, “Dr. Dean’s Cure,” I didn’t realize what a low-life I was by being a Republican. You see, the BDN told me there was a class of men – rural, lower-middle class, white, who tune in to Rush Limbaugh. Even though the Democratic policies favor this class, those dastardly Republicans have been able to persuade them to vote against their own economic interests by “ramping up” their hatred of the usual suspects – Muslims, gays, and academics. Who would have thunk it?

Seriously, while I realize the BDN has slid toward the Democratic philosophy, I did not think they would sink to the gutter-sniping that was the gist of their opinion. On the other hand, they have displayed the many vicious Danby cartoons that purported to be satire (ah, where is Vic Runtz when you need him?). Maybe this is a new strategy, a take-no-prisoners, demonize the opposition approach. That will put them right up there with the Huffington Post.

Douglas M. Flagg



Disrespectful story

Regarding the BDN’s story, “Drowning victims had been drinking,” I do not believe that it is our business to know if the men were drinking the day of the tragic accident. This accident affected the town in a very profound way and certainly does not need to be rehashed again. The families and friends of the two men have suffered tremendously and now have to relive this all again.

The wardens stated they wanted to be respectful to the families. Obviously the BDN did not care to show the same respect.

Patti Lyford



Hypocrites ascend to power

We have the quorum for a hypocrite convention in our nation’s capital.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid said they would have the most honest, moral people on the high ground conducting our nations business. Barney Frank and a colleague “forgot” or didn’t know they owed taxes.

Then President Obama said his cabinet would be totally transparent with absolutely no lobbyist holding federal positions. He also urged the American people to lower their thermostats to the 60s to preserve our resources.

Then, the leader of the free world nominates a nefarious character who can’t take care of his own tax problems and hires an undocumented alien to run his household to the position of Treasury Secretary. He has also nominated lobbyists to cabinet positions because they are “ the best.”

Well, lo and behold our fearless leader was shown in utter disrespect of the office he holds yesterday in his shirt sleeves in the oval office. Oh yes, HIS thermostat was set on 72 degrees. Why? He’s from Hawaii and like it warm, ac-cording to his forked tongue spokesman.

So there you have it: a typical politician with no regards for honesty and the Democrats are strangely silent.

Foye Terrell

Roque Bluffs

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