The television switchover from analog to digital will soon be upon us, and most Mainers are ready for it. Maine’s public television has already switched. Other stations will make the change on Feb. 17. Already, however, there are troubling signs that the switch will not be seamless for… Read More
    As economists grope for a way out of the current financial mess, two theorists from the past are taking center stage. John Maynard Keynes and Ayn Rand, both long dead, stand at opposite poles of the debate over what to do about it. Mr. Keynes (pronounced… Read More
    Manure in a bag Brewer voters will go the polls Tuesday, Jan. 27 to decide whether or not to consolidate our schools with SAD 63, CSD 8, Dedham and Orrington. Unfortunately, if this ill-conceived plan is adopted, it will cost Brewer taxpayers $1.5 million. Our… Read More