April 25, 2018
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Dec. 26 Letters to the Editor

Double standard

Shortly after Obama’s election, a Maine shop owner exercised his right to free speech. That exercise had him tarred and feathered in the court of public opinion. Some went so far as to call for the shop owner’s arrest or, at least, for the revocation of his business license. Additionally, our Legislature passed a special resolution condemning his right to speak.

Now, a reporter directly attacks our current president with a couple of shoes and all we hear from the public and the press is silence.

Apparently, an actual attack on President Bush doesn’t rise to the same level that political speech against Obama does. Instead, we have someone organizing a drive to collect shoes to throw at President Bush. Even worse, there are video games that award points for throwing things and hitting our president.

Apparently, no one sees the harm in throwing shoes. What if the shoes contained acid or anthrax? Or, what if it was a brick or a bomb? As one young lady said on a local TV station, “I wouldn’t do it myself, but … I think it is funny.”

What’s so funny about an action that could have severely injured or possibly killed the president or a few bystanders? Or, is it that we have lost the right to free speech when it comes to Obama?

William Chapman


• • •

MPBN’s example

Most of the budget cutting at MPBN comes from salary reductions. It affects all employees and is on a sliding scale from 20 percent for the CEO to 5 percent for the lowest-paid staffers.

What a great example. What if Maine’s state and local governments adopted the same approach? It has not been put forward by anyone in Augusta that I have heard. Yet, it is a common one for small businesses. A program such as that in Augusta might just deal with the budget problems and have a little left over to get the MPBN towers lit up again.

Ben Fuller


• • •

Name that poet

I am not one for expressing my opinion in an open, direct fashion, however, after reading the “Notes from the Deep End” column by Rosemary Herbert in the Dec. 13-14 edition of the Bangor Daily News, I felt it necessary to express my opinion verbally. I love the poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” that was referenced in the column. This struck me when I read the author’s name to be Wallace Stevens.

I took many poetry classes in college and know from those classes that the actual author of the poem is William Carlos Williams, not Stevens. This short, striking poem is in fact simple and makes you “consider small, ordinary things that began matters of major magnitude in my life,” as written by Rosemary Herbert in her column.

The two poets were inspiring toward each other during the time of the writing of the poem. This may have led to misstating that Stevens was the author instead of the true author, Williams.

Cassie Pinkerton


• • •

MPBN is essential

This letter is in regard to the article addressing the probability of suspending the MPBN transmission towers in eastern and northern Maine. As a member of MPBN, I would like to speak out against this idea. If you live in one of these areas, the best and easiest way to get to know what is going on in the world and state, as a supplement to the newspaper, is to tune into MPBN on the radio or TV.

I would like to emphasize that MPBN is supposed to be a statewide network. I like living in Washington County and feel that just because we live here does not mean we should not get what other parts of the state get. The quality of MPBN is far superior to all other broadcasting stations available in our area. The programs actually engage and promote discussion in my school and family life.

Paul Jans


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