June 22, 2018
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Nov. 27 Letters to the Editor

Baby shower on a bus

I was making my last run of the day to the The Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor to pick up people going to Ellsworth. It was time to depart and nobody had arrived to board the bus. I was just about to close the doors when a young pregnant woman came along and got on. As soon as she was seated I shut the doors, turned out the lights and proceeded towards the Village Green. Along the way I picked up four other women. There was quite a commotion among the five women, and one opened a plate full of ginger snap cookies. She came up and offered them to me and I gladly took one.

From then on started one of the most unusual little baby showers for that pregnant woman. I wasn’t able to leave the lights on, but that was well anticipated because a flashlight came on and it didn’t deter the excitement among the women one bit. There was a lot of chatter and a lot of “oohs” and “ahs” as each package was opened and the item closely inspected by the beam of light from the flashlight as it was held up for all to see.

The conversations kept up until we arrived at their destination. As we approached the stop, they gathered their belongings. Each one filed out thanking me and saying “good night” as they faded out into the darkness.

This had to have been a one of a kind situation on a commuter bus and it could only happen in Down East Maine.

Bob Johnson


Downeast Transportation


• • •

Strout column missed

Like Lorna Goodwin (“Thrill of the kill,” BDN letters, Nov. 20), I am not “from away,” but a lifelong resident of Maine. Reading her letter reminded me of how much I miss hearing about Jeff Strout’s kayaking, hiking and outdoor adventures.

I kept hoping his writings would return, but it has been some time since I opened up my weekend edition of the BDN and was whisked away in the early morning to a place I had yet discovered in my own kayak or canoe. His column was the sole reason I turned to the sport pages on the weekends, and now he is gone.

I find the views and interests of those left to write for the daily and weekend editions tilted toward the seek, kill and brag crowd. Those of us who truly enjoy our Maine woods and waters and take nothing in but awe, and nothing out but pleasure, miss an outlet like Jeff’s column.

Tonya L. Troiani


• • •

Airport not needed

Reading Bill Trotter’s article “Down East airport plan narrows to two sites” (BDN, Nov. 21), one would think that this proposed airport is desperately and immediately needed by a vast majority of folks living in Machias and vicinity. This said, it should be noted that Washington County has at least three operating airports: Ma-chias, Eastport and Princeton, none of which see an awful lot of traffic.

But the officials in Machias, Maine DOT and the FAA are determined for some unknown reason to force this absurd, multi-million-dollar project onto the tax-paying residents of Washington County without first seeking their approval. A countywide vote must be allowed before another misguided step is taken (as in the Jonesboro fiasco), and before more tax dollars are wasted.

How about sending some mass transit this way instead, something that would be useful to the majority?

Les Simon


• • •

On traditional marriage

Marriage, between one man and one woman, has always been protected, not only by the United States, but also by countries throughout the world. The institution of marriage as we know it must be preserved.

The traditional family is the basic building block of society. Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples will undermine the very foundation of our society.

Make no mistake about it — proponents of same-sex marriage are working hard to make same-sex marriage legal in Maine. Please join me in actively supporting an amendment to Maine’s Constitution clearly defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Dale Rollins


• • •

Remembering Mike

I was sad to see Mike Andrick Sr.’s face looking back at me from the obituaries (BDN, Nov. 19). I first met Mike Andrick Sr. when he was a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program.

Volunteers like Mike stepped up to the plate to help people battling cancer get a ride to their treatments. In later years, I ran into Mike a lot as he was always helping out at the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. I’ve also had the honor of working with his son, Mike Jr., again in relation to the Shelter.

Frank Capra’s classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” pointed out how one person’s life touches so many others. Mike is a great example of that, whether it’s the countless individuals who were helped by the shelter or the other efforts he put forth or through the work his son and others around him did because they were inspired and influenced by his compassion for humanity.

I liked the line in his tribute, “He never met a stranger” and I have to agree the expression, “There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met” fit Mike well. I know it won’t take Mike any time at all for you to be given his wings in heaven as he truly was an angel here on Earth.

Christopher Olsen


• • •

Just ‘too big’

I am surprised to see that corporate America has been allowed to grow to the point that it demonstrates the status of being “too big to fail.”

They clearly enjoy tremendous power over those departments assigned to oversee their activities. Corporations are threatening and intimidating the country with financial ruin if the taxpayers don’t do what they are told. The heads of these big corporations eagerly display their high level of arrogance and contempt for the citi-zenry and the values that made this country so productive. The people are now considered a resource to be exploited, something to be used.

The taxpayers have been robbed of their savings, retirements, their jobs and their hope. The American dream is dying!

We have been robbed of a trillion dollars with more demands to come with no end or appeal in sight. Those in power completely refuse to inform the people about just what they are doing with our money except printing more and further devaluing the dollar.

When a man does the right thing in the marketplace he is usually rewarded and when a man is dishonest and greedy, he just may fail. Such is the market. Hold them accountable. No bailouts!! Let the market take its toll, things will work out for the better.

James Landry


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