Maine’s next attorney general – the best Democratic legislative candidate available?

Posted Nov. 17, 2008, at 4:26 p.m.

The Legislature is poised to elect the next state attorney general. Maine is one of a

handful of states that elects the AG, secretary of state, treasurer and auditor by a vote of

the Legisla-ture, not the public. Legislators Sean Faircloth, Janet Mills and John

Brautigam – all Demo-crats – are candidates for the AG post, and one will be chosen by

the Democratically controlled Legislature. Is this right? What if there is a Republican who

would be a great AG? What if the best candidate for the job is not a legislator? Is the

general public better able to choose? Or should the governor appoint an AG and the

Legislature act to confirm? printed on August 16, 2017