June 18, 2018
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Oct 30 Letters to the Editor


A final resting place

I recently received a call from the BDN to renew my newspaper subscription and decided it would be a great way to offset my fuel bill this fall.

What a shame how this historical newspaper from the great city of Bangor, where I grew up, has now become the New York Times regurgitator for the outsiders to enjoy reading.

I humor myself by opening the editorial pages, seeing Danby’s continuous one-sided leftist liberal cartoons, the enormous attention given to a couple of dozen protestors during the Sarah Palin rally, and send the paper to its final resting ground near the wood stove.

Lloyd R. Bryant


• • •

Goode gets it

I would like to express my support for Adam Goode, the Democratic candidate for Maine House District 15 in Bangor. I met Adam this past winter when he knocked on our door and introduced himself to my wife and me. Adam impressed me immediately with his energy and passion and, more important, his grasp of the critical issues facing Maine.

I am voting for Adam because he is willing to address important issues such as health care reform, environmental protection and economic opportunity for all Maine people. We are in a time of uncertainty, and I believe that Adam’s passion, energy, intellect and substantive grasp of the issues, as well as his fundamental optimism, will serve us well in the Maine Legislature.

Keith Bisson


• • •

Sen. Schneider helped

I have called upon our state senator, Elizabeth M. Schneider, D-Orono, on a number of issues.

I first called her because my mother’s assisted living facility was having some difficulties with a change in ownership. I was concerned my mother’s residence would be closed, which may have meant my mother would have been uprooted from her place of care. Since my mother was very ill, keeping her in the place she was most comfortable was of paramount concern to me.

When I called Sen. Schneider and told her about the situation, she directly looked into it and helped resolve it. This allowed the people in the facility to stay put. My mother’s stability was ensured.

I recently called Sen. Schneider again. I suffered the loss of my mother, Jacqueline D. Brimmer, on Aug. 20.

Then my license was suspended. Since I have a medical issue I am required to present a note to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles regarding my health.

The language my doctor chose to use gave the impression my condition was at issue, which is not the case. The note caused the suspension of my license. All this was horrible, but Sen. Schneider made it much less difficult by working to resolve my license problem.

Sen. Schneider knew exactly how to address the problem and fixed it.

Thanks to the efforts of Sen. Schneider, both of these stressful situations were resolved.

Elizabeth Schneider is a caring, hardworking senator. She is the sincere kind of person with empathy we need in Augusta.

Harvey H. Brimmer III


• • •

Cushing for District 39

As previous town councilors in Hampden, we are supporting Andre Cushing for state representative in District 39. Since being elected as a town councilor in Hampden, Andre has exhibited qualities of fiscal responsibility and community involvement. Andre continues to be a positive and sensible voice for development and growth in our Hampden community.

In this critical time of financial crisis, reducing the state’s budget shortfall and other critical issues will need to be addressed by the next Legislature. It will take a person of Andre’s knowledge and determination to make the tough decisions that will be prudent and cautious to get us through these trying times.

Join us in supporting Andre Cushing to represent Hampden, Newburgh and Dixmont.

Bob Gilberti, Dick Jenkins and

David Plowman


• • •

Stevens boosts Bangor

As a small-business owner I have been in downtown Bangor for a few years. I have seen this community grow into a vital, attractive opportunity for people to work and play.

During these years I have observed Sara Stevens in her role as Rep. Mike Michaud’s district representative. I have seen her on numerous committees and seen her assist agencies and make a special effort to help in the revitalization of downtown Bangor. This is her hometown and she cares deeply about it.

Sara Stevens is now a candidate for the Maine Legislature, out of the 11 candidates for the Legislature in Bangor, Sara is the only woman. Sara will bring to the Legislature numerous talents and gifts. She has helped many people on many different levels. I am pleased as a Republican to endorse Sara Stevens. I know she will represent me and others extremely well.

Valerie Kitchen


• • •

Bronson: No conflict

Based upon my full-time employment as Brewer’s fire chief, I’ve been asked if I see any automatic or debilitating conflict of interest if I were to be elected to the Bangor City Council. I do not.

Both Bangor and Brewer are small cities, in proximity to each other, that need each other. While there has always been and will likely always be some partisan conflict between the two, they need to and often do work well together. For Bangor to have a councilor who knows both cities well and who understand municipal government from having worked in it should only be a benefit.

I care about both cities; in that I see no conflict. I am a 40-year resident of Bangor and not an employee of Bangor so I am quite eligible to hold office in Bangor.

From time to time almost any person serving on a local council or board finds that they have some potential conflict of interest if they vote on some issue. Normally that office holder simply informs the council or board of their potential conflict and withholds their vote on that one topic.

Assuming I am fortunate enough to be elected in Bangor, if a conflict appeared regarding my vote I would seek the council’s understanding and not vote on the potentially conflicting issue. I don’t believe that would happen often and thus I believe I can be an effective councilor for Bangor.

Rick Bronson


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