January 23, 2018
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Oct. 27 Letters to the Editor


Re-elect Rep. Rosen

As a small-business owner, it matters to me who is working on our behalf in Augusta. State Rep. Kim Rosen has proved her ability in representing our interests. It’s important to me that Kim has an established record of trying to improve the business climate in Maine. She is a small-business owner herself and knows what it’s like to set up and maintain a successful venture.

According to The National Federation of Independent Business, Rep. Rosen has voted in favor of business-friendly legislation 100 percent of the time during the 123rd Legislature. Furthermore, she was recognized by the Maine Economic Research Institute as having an exceptional voting record on key economic issues.

Please join me in voting for Rep. Kimberley Rosen on Nov. 4.

James Boucher


• • •

Johnson for House

I will be voting for Rep. Pete Johnson in House District 27. He has demonstrated a commitment to the economic development of rural Maine through reduction of taxes on Maine residents and businesses, the development of transparency in state government, the reduction of the size of government and the improvement of critical infrastructure including community schools, hospitals and roads in fiscally responsible ways. He will stand up against wasteful spending such as the funding of the Dirigo Health program through new taxes on soda, beer and wine and health care.

Rep. Johnson is endorsed by the Maine Economic Research Institute and the Alliance for Maine’s Future, two of the leading watchdog agencies that track legislators’ votes on legislation affecting Maine’s economy and jobs. He is also endorsed by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and the National Rifle Association, both with an “A” rating.

Rep. Johnson is committed to putting Maine back on the right track.

Gail Lynch


• • •

Supports O’Brien

Endorsing O’Brien

I am pleased to support Andrew O’Brien for the House of Representatives for District 44 (Appleton, Hope, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville, Morrill and Searsmont). O’Brien’s background is teaching, construction, journalism and counseling for young men with emotional and substance abuse problems. He has strong communication and conflict- resolutions skills honed in these professions.

O’Brien grew up in the Lincolnville area and is full of energy and good ideas for improving the quality of life for all its residents. I particularly like his support for investments in renewable energies including wind, tidal and solar. He wants to set up training programs for workers to learn the skills needed for not only building, but also servicing renewable energy components. O’Brien knows that Maine has some of the oldest homes in the country and 80 percent of them are heated with oil, which means we also need to invest in weatherizing homes in the area and making them more energy efficient.

I believe he will go to the State House and do a great job for all residents of our district.

Brad LaRoche


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Why endorse Obama?

The BDN’s recent editorial endorsing Sen. Obama for president of this great country lends a sad note to the newspaper, and quite frankly shows just how the paper seems to have regressed instead of progressed.

Sen. McCain, although not perfect, is the only candidate who truly has the country’s best interest in mind. And as for his choice of a running mate, Gov. Palin does have a proven record in Alaska. I can see why you might hold jealous contempt for this successful positive woman, who reflects none of your liberal views.

We do not allow felons to vote or hold office. Yet the BDN is willing to endorse Sen. Obama who, by his own admission, has associated with a member of a terrorist organization.

As to Sen. Obama’s willingness to listen to dissenting views, anyone can listen, but acting is the real test. And as for surrounding himself with well-informed advisers, if you feel Ayers, Wright, the CEO’s of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are good advisers, maybe Sen. Obama is your man. But he is not what this country needs.

Bennie Gallant


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Re-elect Collins

Sen. Susan Collins is the obvious choice on Nov. 4. As a highly respected leader of the U.S. Senate she sponsored and co-sponsored several key pieces of legislation, i.e., 9-11 intelligence reform, port security, teacher tax credit, generic drugs and many more. This she did by working both sides of the aisle. She knows important bills get passed this way. Tom Allen’s voting record indicates he votes 98 percent with his party. Will positive results occur with Allen’s way? Does anyone know of any noteworthy bill sponsored by Tom Allen?

Second point: Sen. Collins voted against the five-week congressional recess. Her opponent voted for it. This was a roll call that Tom Allen did not miss. Susan Collins has a perfect voting record that is truly remarkable. Our representatives should have remained in Washington to work the challenges of our flailing economy and the energy crisis that we are all facing.

Sen. Collins’ ads are positive, showing the many aspects of the work she’s done for Maine businesses, families and teachers. Allen’s ads portray our senator in an extremely negative way.

Sen. Collins’ accomplishments and solid record should earn her a return to Washington.

Norma J. Winglass


• • •

Schneider helps vets

Schneider helps vets

As a veteran myself, I am committed to ensuring the men and women serving our country and their families are treated well, with honor, respect and dignity. The caring, dedicated actions of Sen. Elizabeth M. Schneider speak louder than words of her commitment to serve us.

When I asked for her help with moving the Lincoln Veterans Clinic project along she stepped up the pressure to get it done.

Sen. Schneider was successful passing legislation to help service families have the time they need together upon returning from duty. She also frequently makes herself available to us. Elizabeth is part of our community, and is always there when we need her.

Sen. Schneider is a strong voice for us in our district and in Augusta. She stands up for us and on Nov. 4 I will be voting for her and recommend everyone else in our area stand up and vote for her, too. Schneider is a good and honest person who has shown her respect for those in service, veterans and our fallen heroes.

We veterans put our lives on the line for our country. I hope everyone respects that service and will take the time to vote with me for Sen. Schneider.

Darrell Savage


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Election notice e

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