June 22, 2018
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Oct. 20 Letters to the Editor


Spellman for House

When I made the decision to retire from the Legislature I was concerned with who might take my place. It pleases me that Ruth-Marie Spellman has jumped into the race to do just that. She has a wide range of experiences that make her an ideal candidate for the Brewer House seat.

Ruth has had a fine record of being a contributor, as a Brewer school committee member, an active member of her church and with several organizations in the area. She was involved with the family enterprise, Landry Appliance, and holds a real estate license which gives her a better understanding of the needs of the business community.

Most importantly, Ruth Spellman does not look at what is best for her. She is devoted to doing what is best for her community.

I will be voting for Ruth-Marie Spellman. I hope the people of Brewer’s District 21 will follow my example.

Charles D. Fisher



Chartrand for Miramant

As a business owner and former state representative, I’m often asked who I support for Knox County state Senate. I say Dave Miramant will better represent my business and family if elected.

Chartrand Imports is a member of Dirigo Health. It’s a good plan and a good deal for Maine. Dave worked to continue the Dirigo plan; he appreciates its importance to businesses like mine. Chris Rector called Dirigo a “disservice” to Maine residents, and supports private insurance calling the shots in Maine. Perhaps if he had not fought Dirigo so strenuously, it might serve more Mainers!

Miramant works to develop natural resources and fights to protect them. He knows we must reduce energy use and helped reform building codes to save wasted energy. Rector suggests we might return to “safe” nuclear power. It has never been safe and is always subsidized by insurance guarantees and tax breaks. Is this what we want again in Maine?

Dave Miramant voted for a minimum wage increase to working families, instead of waiting for Congress to act. We all benefit from this minimum fairness to our hardest workers. Chris Rector thinks this increase was an “admission of failure.”

Dave Miramant knows business, and knows government cannot run as a business. He solves problems in Maine without following Washington or Wall Street. Chris Rector has worked hard in Augusta, but he looks to big business and government for too many answers to today’s problems. Vote for Dave Miramant in November.

Paul Chartrand



Frary for change

I hear a lot of talk about “change,” but the only person running who really is a change is professor John Frary. In a country run by politics as usual, Frary is anything but. A professor of Byzantine History, he is change personified. In a country where politicians say what you want to hear but do what they want to do, Frary is a breath of fresh air because he says what he thinks regardless of how popular it is. I believe he will vote the way he believes is right and not the way he is told. Wow, what a concept: an honest politician!

In a state where for decades we have heard how terrible it is that there are no good jobs anymore, Frary has come up with a feasible plan for an oil refinery in northern Maine, assuring good jobs, lower energy prices and a renewed railroad system.

I guarantee you will not hear politics as usual and will discover that this man is right for Maine right now.

Sandra Blanchette



Return Doug Smith

I urge the residents of the Senate District 27, and particularly the Katahdin region, to support Sen. Doug Smith for re-election. He is the only candidate for state Senate who has an understanding of what must be done at the state level to get Maine’s rural economy growing again.

As the senator representing this area some years ago I fought against the enactment of the Maine income tax because I knew it would eventually injure our economy. Doug Smith understands this and in the last Legislature introduced legislation to cut the Maine income tax in half for all residents and businesses.

Without reducing this highest in the nation state income tax, Maine’s businesses and manufacturers cannot compete effectively in the global economy.

Doug has also championed reducing health insurance costs by sponsoring legislation to allow Mainers to go out of state to purchase their health insurance which would greatly reduce costs.

On a personal note, I have known Doug for many years and he can be trusted to do what he says he will do.

We need Doug Smith’s commitment to rebuilding Maine’s rural economy and his continued leadership in the state Senate.

Wakine Tanous

East Millinocket


Democrat for Savage

Elsie Flemings, a Democrat in her 20s, and Rick Savage, a Republican in his 60s, are running for the House District 35 seat in the Maine Legislature.

Elsie Flemings has character traits, including listening skills and working well with others, that are praiseworthy. She has been described by some as an environmental activist, also to her credit. However, I’m not sure environmentalism needs another advocate in Augusta. I do not know what issues besides environmentalism and sustainability Elsie considers critical, and whether she has the knowledge and experience to address them. Examples of pressing issues: the concerns and needs of “Main Street,” the working class and the state’s burdensome tax structure.

Rick Savage has an impressive background that contrasts sharply with that of Flemings. He has a broad range of experience in local government, education, boating and fishing and small business. Rick would participate in developing solutions to environmental and sustainability issues. However, his work in the Legislature would likely be more balanced than that of his opponent. Rick is a respected member of his community, as evidenced by his 12-years of service as a selectman and as town moderator.

He is the best candidate for the House District 35 seat, in my opinion. On Nov. 4, it will be my pleasure as a Democrat to vote for Rick Savage.

Dick Church

Southwest Harbor

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