June 19, 2018
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Readers comment on McCain, Obama


Obama and JFK

Today’s political season has brought many issues to the forefront that need to be addressed in a calm and rational manner. History is a great teacher providing insight into current events, although people would like to rewrite that history to fit their own agendas.

I hear in conversation and see in writing people comparing Barack Obama to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, especially those of today’s generation who relate to the younger, more eloquent of the two candidates. JFK’s daughter Caroline added to that perception from the moment she endorsed Barack Obama during the Democrat primary. Being born in 1952 and on the cusp of my teenage years when JFK was running for office, I remember the excitement surrounding this young, very eloquent man.

More importantly and more to the point I remember his words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Barack Obama is no JFK.

Phillip G. Pitula


• • •

Up go your taxes

Barack Obama has put in some 150 days of work in Congress since he became a senator.

During that time, his earmark requests are for $740 million, and with his Global Poverty Act (S. 2433), he is asking for $800 billion on top of the $300 billion we already give.

As Donald Trump said, “Watch your taxes go up.”

Bess Urbahn


• • •

Obama understands

In interviews and during the debates, Sen. McCain has repeated the phrase that Sen. Obama “just doesn’t understand.” It has become almost as monotonous as his use of “my friends” in every other sentence.

During the Oct. 7 debate, Tom Brokaw stated that economic realities are going to require making choices in such areas as health, energy and entitlement reform; then he asked the candidates how they would prioritize those three issues. Sen. Obama said energy is at the top of his list and his goal is for the U.S. to be free from dependence on foreign oil in 10 years. He said when JFK had the goal of going to the moon in 10 years, no one knew how it was going to be done, but that it was understood that when Americans make a decision to get something done, it will happen.

The editorial “Green-Collar Jobs” (BDN, Oct. 8) was perfectly timed and goes along with Obama’s view that we can turn things around in this country; it will take investment and financial incentives, but this will more than pay back over time, according to the editorial, because technological innovation in the form of green solutions will spur the economy and create jobs.

By directing our resources to producing and using renewable energy we will not only create hundreds of thousands new jobs, but we will also help the environment, national security and alleviate health problems. Sen. Obama understands this and he is the candidate who will best lead us into the future.

Karen Jo Young


• • •

Won’t get fooled again

In recent years the national Republican Party has convince people to vote against their own social and economic self interest. Hopefully, we won’t be fooled again.

As a physician in a small medical practice in Bangor since 1980, I have learned a few things about health care policy and the operation of a small business. Most Americans under 65 fortunate enough to have health insurance are covered by an employer-provided or subsidized policy. Unfortunately, the cost of providing this insurance is becoming unmanageable. Furthermore, businesses providing coverage are at an economic disadvantage compared to those that cannot.

John McCain proposes that individuals and families receiving employer-based coverage be taxed on the value of that insurance. This will undermine the entire employer-based system. I suspect that is his intention. But, he argues, he will provide us with a $5,000 tax credit toward the purchase of private insurance. That will work fine for young healthy single people, but is woefully inadequate for anyone who actually needs health care.

McCain’s plan will be a bonanza for the insurance executives who are already profiting handsomely from the Bush policies of the last eight years.

Barack Obama proposes supporting small business by subsidizing employer-based plans. This will greatly expand the availability of health insurance and level the playing field for businesses already providing coverage. This has great appeal to me as a healthcare provider, healthcare consumer, and as a small-business owner. Let’s put a Democrat in the White House and propel our health care system into the 21st century.

David L. Levy, MD


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