March 17, 2018
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Oct 16 Letters to the Editor


Mooney for House

This Election Day we will have many local candidates to choose from, but none as good as independent candidate Tom Mooney. I know the Democratic candidate, and I know what he says he’s going to do. But Tom grew up in this community. I have known him my whole life, and I have actually seen what he has done for my family and others.

I happen to be a Democrat, but Tom has all the qualities I am looking for in a candidate: integrity, honesty and a strong intellect.

He is in tune with all the issues that matter to my family — education, public safety, care for the elderly and government accountability. He has strong values and beliefs, and I like that in a candidate. Tom Mooney has our vote, and I hope others vote for him, too.

Kathy Foley Betts


• • •

Keys to Obama victory

All signs now point to a healthy win by Barack Obama over John McCain, but things could change in the weeks that remain until Election Day.

There are two things that Obama could do to nail down a victory. The first is to slightly alter the spelling of his name by simply adding an apostrophe. Running as “O’Bama” would surely win the support of Irish-Americans. The second thing he could do would be to address a major topic that has been avoided by both parties in the campaign.

Surely both O’Bama and McCain know that millions of Americans are pet owners. Yet the only mention of pets so far has been in regard to pit bulls wearing lipstick. Neither candidate has yet appeared alongside the family pet, and voters are left with no inkling of what their policies would be regarding pets and their owners. What O’Bama should do is set up a photo op showing him arriving home to an especially warm welcome from his adoring wife and daughters, because cuddled under his arm is a darling abandoned puppy he has just rescued from the dog pound.

Hands down, O’Bama would win, but just to drive the nail tighter, the dog pound should try to come up with an Irish setter.

Fran Pratt


• • •

Press ‘1’ for English

So Le Club Francais is embarking on a project to have only French spoken in the whole St. John Valley on Wednesdays. Quite an undertaking, I’d say.

I think it perfectly acceptable for people of French descent to communicate in the French language among themselves. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect everyone to do the same.

It is fine to try to retain your ancestral tongue as a second language, but to use it as a primary language in our society limits interaction with others and shows a lack of respect for those of us who do not share the culture.

Although I live in a French society, I have no French ancestry. I have no familiarity with the language, nor do I have any interest or need for learning it. There must be a few English-speaking businesspeople in the Valley. Will it get so we will have to press “1” for English? Why should a business be asked to conduct business, even for a day, in a foreign language? Businesses want business, not to discourage it, don’t they? Will we who speak English only have to drive to Presque Isle on Wednesdays?

Carol Connors

St. Francis

• • •

Mooney bucks status quo

With an election upon us there are opportunities to make changes that will last for generations — changes that benefit the people of this great state. The changes we need must start locally. In legislative District 18 — Bangor, Orono and Veazie — you will have three choices. Two of those choices will be the status quo, the two-party system that resulted in some of the worst economic times this state has ever endured.

I ask you to consider your independent candidate Thomas Mooney. Mooney is not supported by either major political party and does not have the enormous funding provided to the other candidates. I have known Tom my entire life. He is a lifelong resident of the district. Tom Mooney is your neighbor, he knows you and has fought for you and your families throughout his adult life. He understands the tough times you are going through. Tom is on your side and not obligated to vote the party line. Every decision Tom makes is based on what is best for you.

The reality is that voters have two choices: the status quo or an independent who works for you because he is you. Learn more at

Dan Brown


• • •

Health care crisis

Almost eclipsed by the crisis in our financial institutions is a crisis of equal proportions in our health care system, namely, that more than 40 million of us have no health insurance. Millions of others who are underinsured end up facing grave illness and catastrophic costs leading to bankruptcy petitions.

The details of the programs of the two candidates running for president contrast sharply. We submit that it would be wise to ask candidates the following questions: Will I be penalized because I or a family member has a pre-existing condition? Will my coverage be comprehensive and include coverage for mental illness and necessary end-of-life care? Will my prescription costs be covered? If I have a job, will my employer be required to provide me comprehensive health insurance?

If I am unemployed, will there be a government program to cover my care by my family doctor or will I be required to go to an emergency room to wait in line for treatment? Will costs be contained by permitting the federal government to negotiate Medicare prescription drug prices directly with the manufacturer, or by reform of the medical liability insurance?

Readers should see the article, “Election 2008: The Partisan Divide — The McCain and Obama Plans for U.S. Health Care Reform” in the Aug. 21 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, pages 781 to 784.

Lawrence B. Mutty

Danielle V. Mutty


• • •

Off the grid and happy

Hoorah! At long last an in-depth article from the BDN (Oct. 9) about folks in Maine who are living just fine with solar and wind energy. What a wonderful irony that Patty Hill’s husband’s name is Dick Hill, the same name as a local retired university professor perpetually noted for his discouraging remarks about solar and wind energy.

R.W. Estela


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