May 28, 2018
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Oct. 3 Letters to the Editor


No offshore drilling

Once again the buck is passed: “Offshore oil drilling nears vote in House” (BDN, Sept. 17). I am frustrated and find it unbelievable that the two parties, once again, pull the old bait and switch. And even more unbelievable is that we are buying it. I cannot imagine that anyone would agree to drill offshore when we know that it will not affect those gas or heating oil prices everyone is complaining about.

As usual both parties have been effective in moving away from the important issues, like a comprehensive energy plan where the goal would be to move away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy, regulations on speculations, raising fuel economies for our automakers so they can compete globally and also decreasing our dependence, invest in public transportation infrastructure, rebate and incentives to allow businesses and individuals to invest in renewable energy. Meanwhile Big Oil can drill on some of the 168,000 acres they lease from the government and the House can focus on the real issues.

We need to move forward as a nation and I cannot see that happening with our present government structure. It is a constant race to see how many people are on your side for the Tug of War Event; Democrats on one side, Republicans on the other, neither realizing the rope is frayed in the middle and that is where we sit, the American people.

Mia Strong


• • •

Focus on Palin’s savvy

While Sara Palin’s beliefs regarding abortion, birth control, conservation (or lack of it), gun control and religion are shared by many — Democrats as well as Republicans — they do not automatically become the law(s) of the land if she becomes our vice president elect. Any changes she may wish to make in the current government and-or our Constitution will first have to be presented to our Congress in the form of a bill for their consideration.

So while the media are having a field day with their litany of Palin’s faults and foibles, let us concentrate on what this intelligent and savvy woman can do to get our country on the right track.

Rita M. Souther


• • •

Down East dynamos

This is one of the few times that I wish I lived in two districts in Washington County. I am eager to vote for Marie Emerson for our state representative. I have firsthand knowledge that Marie has been extremely involved and influential in education and an aggressive advocate for the well being of the young people in our county. She has successfully juggled teaching, starting and running a successful small business, being involved in the needs and support of our county in so many ways. She has so much positive energy that won’t be able to be ignored in Augusta. I know she will be the right person to represent us.

Now, Katherine Cassidy is one of those “go-getters” as well. Anyone who read her column on Down East Community Hospital and recognized the sound advice she offered can see how strongly she promotes the best for our community and the county on the whole. I urge everyone in her district to vote for her so that we can have a good solid team of active representatives to keep the needs Washington County in the forefront.

Alice Duston


• • •

Against the bailout

As free market devotees, Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snow endorse fiscal responsibility and minimal governmental intervention in our greatest of all economic systems. Consistent with their espoused belief of unregulated capitalism is the reality of risk and the Darwinian notion of free market natural selection.

We are therefore perplexed by their eagerness to write a blank check to the tune of a trillion dollars, at taxpayer expense, to bail out the greedy and irresponsible banking and mortgage industry. Mr. Bush’s argument about saving us all from certain disaster simply rings false.

We strongly oppose the bailout. Like the savings and loan debacle, the current financial crisis was predictable and preventable. We support punitive actions and tight regulation of the financial industry.

James L. McDonald

Reesa M. Greenberg


• • •

Olympia for VP

I cannot believe that some of my fellow Mainers are trying to support the belief that Sarah Palin is the best choice that could have been made by their fellow Republicans as the VP choice. How bizarre it is that Mainers have a sitting senator with over 30 years experience of being a maverick and was completely overlooked as their choice, and they say Palin is the best choice? Would Palin have been chosen with such a flimsy resume if she were male? So she was chosen as the best female available. … right, supporters of Olympia Snowe?

So it seems as if this choice is a slap in the face to every Mainer, Republican or Democrat, who has ever supported Olympia. Why wasn’t Olympia chosen? The answer is not that she is less qualified (quite the opposite), but rather Palin is such a radical right-winger that does not reflect the opinions of mainstream Mainers. So when you look at Palin next time in the photo-ops she poses for (no interviews please), all of us mainstream Mainers want to say to her, “Sarah, I know Olympia. I’ve elected her to many terms in Congress and the Senate, and no, Sarah, you’re no Olympia.” Not even close.

Bob Blanchard

Presque Isle

• • •

Vote for Schneider

Not long ago I saw Sen. Elizabeth M. Schneider at an Eagle Scout ceremony, then she was at the Howland town office and just yesterday she popped by my house to ask if I have questions and to talk with me. I have never seen a state senator work as hard for our district as Sen. Schneider does. She is everywhere and completely accessible and totally approachable.

Sen. Schneider communicates with us, the citizens of our district, sending letters of recognition to encourage children in school or when someone accomplishes something or gives time to our community. This work means a lot to me.

Sen. Schneider takes the time to write an article with helpful information which the local paper prints weekly, and I appreciate it. The papers and the senator are doing good work by helping get information out to us.

I know Sen. Schneider cares about us and she shows it by participating in our community and working so hard for us. I will be voting for Sen. Elizabeth M. Schneider and I encourage others in our district to vote for her too.

Angela Helms


• • •

Protect Social Security

Who are the geniuses who have created the current financial disaster? One can only hope that the American people remember the past week when talk of privatizing Social Security emerges once again. Just imagine what creative ways the Wall Street gang could find to drive that program to the brink of disaster.

Steven Gifford


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