OLD TOWN, Maine - Girls Nation Sen. Erin St. Peter, a senior at Old Town High School and the daughter of John and Renee St. Peter, was elected vice president on July 23 of Girls Nation, American Legion Auxiliary' s weeklong youth government program in Washington. Read More
    If their campaign promises are to be believed, both Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama as president would increase government spending on a host of fronts. Read More
    I appreciated the BDN's July 17 editorial, 'Bottle Bill Update,' lauding the success of Maine' s 30-year-old bottle bill and suggesting that it bodes well for a user fee on plastic grocery bags. However, it seems to me the BDN might try practicing what it preaches by reducing the use of plastic bags for delivering newspapers. Read More
    JONESPORT, Maine - Up to now, a hardware store, some antiques and nautical shops, a small IGA grocery and Tall Barney' s Restaurant have been the extent of the offerings on Main Street in this coastal town. Now an upscale, full-service supermarket is slated to open in late September. Read More
    The art of cutting and curing a quill pen wasn' t entirely lost with the advent of metal nib pens, fountain pens and ballpoint pens. Calligrapher and book artist Nancy Leavitt of Stillwater possesses that knowledge and uses it to create her art. Read More
    Sales of the state's conservation license plates have been declining for years. With introduction this spring of a sportsman license plate, revenues are apt to drop even more, widening the shortfall in funding for state parks and wildlife. Read More
    Recently I had the privilege of being invited to apply for the position of contributing speechwriter for the Barack Obama for President campaign. If last week's Berlin address is an example of the speechwriters he employs, he certainly doesn't need me. Read More
    THOMASTON, Maine - Residents and all who are interested in the future of Montpelier, the General Henry Knox Museum, are invited to attend the annual meeting of the organization at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7, in the sanctuary of the Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist, 200 Main St. Read More
    The double-digit percentage increase in the 'standard offer' electric rates for medium and large business customers of Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. and Central Maine Power approved this week might not be as difficult to swallow as it sounds, a Bangor Hydro spokeswoman said Wednesday. Read More
    NORTHEAST HARBOR, Maine -An enormous pile of rubble consisting of charred wooden beams, blackened bricks, twisted girders, and scorched scraps of personal possessions left behind when residents fled was all that remained Wednesday of three buildings that burned on Main Street. Read More